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Embrace your inner woman and celebrate Women’s Equality Day

Happy women's equality dayWhat better way to celebrate today, 26th August, the Women’s Equality Day than telling you a bit about the history of that event and how today’s most influential women’s rights campaigners contribute to achieve gender equality.

In 1920, women in America won the right to vote on this day. Since empowering women such as Rosa Parks and Eleanor Roosevelt started to fight for equality of civil rights, women’s equality has grown immensely since then.

Here are some milestones in the women’s route toward equality:

  • 1972 - Cosmopolitan magazine launched in Britain.

  • 1983 - Equal Pay Act.

  • 1994 - Employment Rights Act – first time for women to have the right for maternity leave.

  • 1997 - Winning 120 seats in the general election.

  • 2011 - Beyoncé sings “Who run the world? Girls!”

Since then there have been many changes to women’s rights and campaigners continue to make things better for everyone.

The Canadian YouTube personality Lilly Singh aka IISuperwomanII is a successful vlogger, comedian, writer, rapper and actress; her net worth being $2.5 million. Her passion spreads through being a motivational speaker internationally.  

She has inspired many with her “Love Thy Sister” red carpet arrival for girl power and female empowerment. Lilly arrived at the iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards 2017 in June and made her entrance with girls from different backgrounds to show the message she believes in.

See Lilly Singh’s words of wisdom from her Instagram page:

“My sisters around the world come in all shapes, sizes, skin colours and faiths and through these 15 beautiful women beside me, I stand alongside all my sisters across the globe. Because when the world is trying to make decisions about our bodies, education and rights, there is strength in sisterhood. "

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