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Are you ready for Christmas jumper day?

The Christmas jumper has become an essential part of every Christmas these days, so if you haven’t got the memo yet, we have the lowdown below. The countdown to Christmas jumper day is ON and we want to make it as easy as possible.

When is Christmas jumper day?

Millions of people are expected to take part in this year's Christmas Jumper Day in the run up to the festive season. Save the Children launched their Christmas Jumper Day in 2012 on Friday, 14 December.

Organised by Save the Children, Christmas Jumper Day is an annual fundraising campaign during which people are encouraged to wear their best Christmas jumper. This year it officially falls on the 13th December, but Save the Children like to mention that pretty much any day in December can be a Christmas jumper day – it is for charity after all! You can make it a real party this year, as it is luckily falls on a Friday. Mix in some festive drinks to really increase those donations…

This is the one day of the year where fashion rules do not apply; people are encouraged to wear a mix of patterns and colours if the mood takes you. But we’re not gonna lie, ours our pretty chic as far as Xmas jumpers go…

We encourage you to fundraise at your work. Sign up here on the Save the Children website for your free fundraising pack! Get creative, why not have prizes for the best funny xmas jumper and the cutest xmas jumper?!

Ways of getting creative with your Xmas jumper post-Christmas Jumper Day

  1. Great gift idea for your best gals – they make great gifts too, especially for your besties. Match them to each of their personalities or get everyone the same for a cute best mates insta photo.

  2. Keep it close at all times – its cold out there! Make your Xmas jumper your go to for an extra layer throughout December. Go on, it’s fun to be a basic Christmas Queen. They’re cosy, warm and oh so festive.  

  3. Wear it on Christmas day – I mean, duh! Your Christmas day outfit consists of a cosy pair of PJs, Christmas jumper and comfies, the ‘getting dressed up in all your new clothes and a full face of make-up to sit on the sofa’ outfit and then back to Christmas jumper and comfies post roast dinner. Ugh, we are SO excited already.

  4. Family parties – buy one for all your family for the ultimate festive feeling!

Here’s our round-up of some of our festive favourites, from cute to funny.


Reindeer Pom Christmas Jumper

A large dose of Christmas cheer with this bright red reindeer pom jumper. It’s loud and proud, just like Christmas. This jumper is a holiday romance waiting for happen.


Grey Sequin Penguin Xmas Jumper

The chic older sister of Christmas jumpers, we love this light grey penguin jumper with subtle sequin detail. It’s undeniably festive, but also undeniably fashionable. GIRL, you don’t have to forgo your understated style to wear a Christmas jumper.


Ski You Later Christmas Jumper

We said there would be funny and this novelty knit ticks that box. The colour is a little different to the usual reds and greens in a powdery blue, so opt for something a little different and make even the grumpiest colleague in your office smile (or preferably, your office crush).


Ivory Pug Christmas Jumper

AAAANDDD we said there would be cute. How cute is a pug dressed as a Christmas pud?! This jumper manages to still feel fab and would look great teamed with jeans and boots.


Red Applique Skiing Christmas Jumper

We are so down for the black skinny jeans and chunky boots paired with this applique red skiing penguin jumper. This is the slightly toned down version of the reindeer pom jumper, with a colour pairing we love – pink and red. We wish we could look as graceful as that penguin on the ice rinks this December! 


Black Reindeer Pom Christmas Jumper

We couldn’t do Christmas jumpers without an option in black. If you love to wear head to toe black, this festive knit doesn’t force you to stray too far from what feels natural to you, but means you can join in on the festivities this Christmas jumper day and beyond.


Grey Fair Isle Penguin Christmas Jumper

Fair Isle check with penguin detail, SO cute! We can see this looking oh-so-fab in a pub next to a log fire after a dog walk…

What’s your favourite? Don’t forget to tag or mention us in any Select Christmas jumper day extravaganzas!