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Stylish Summer Must-Buy Dresses For £10 And Under!

Jun 26, 2019 | Published by Lucy Pepra

As we're sure you've noticed - the summer season is officially in full swing, and we absolutely love it! Summer is the best time for wearing stylish feminine summer dresses, and we want you to know about all of the best designs, colours and patterned dresses we have on offer to you!
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Let's Party like it's 1990

Jul 24, 2017 | Published by Select Fashion

There's one thing that us millennials can agree on, and that's the fact we miss the 90's more and more every day of your 20 something lives. We all miss the days when Freddo chocolate bars cost less then 20p and the most exciting time of the week was when spice girls performed on Top of The Pops. Most of us spend so many nights crying over our...
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