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Put your comfy lounge wear on for Hot Cross Bun Day

Hot Cross Buns on a tray with butter

Each year on the 11th September it is hot cross bun day.

One of Britain's largest food retailers, recently stated that it would have sold approximately 70 million of them by the end of the Easter weekend. We do love those little buns which are now sold all year-long so let us explore their story...

What is a Hot Cross Bun?

A hot cross bun is a spiced sweet bun made with currants or raisins, marked with a cross on the top. It is a sweet delicacy to eat and just right with butter or margarine, toasted and heated. Supermarkets in the UK actually sell up to 9 varieties of hot cross buns, including Belgian chocolate and date and cranberry. It’s making our mouths water and getting us hungry. How do you like your Hot Cross Bun?

Who remembers the nursery rhyme "Hot Cross Buns" which is associated with Easter?

Hot cross buns are usually eaten on Good Friday at the end of Lent in the British Isles, Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa and some parts of America.

However, the theories vary around the significance of the hot cross bun and its provenance. Some historians actually believed that hot cross buns were actually used as medicine as they would not go mouldy!

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