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The Warholian experience in London: go bold or go home

Colour blocking colours - blue, white, black

Need something to do over the weekend? Why not go to the famous Andy Warhol’s party in Dalston? They are calling it ‘All Tomorrows Parties Party - A Hackney Warholian Experience’ and it’s this Sunday, 3rd September 2017 at the Farr’s School of Dancing. Dalston underground station is the nearest station and there is a suggested £5 donation on the door when you get in.

The Andy Warholian experience event in London will be a rebuild of Andy Warhol’s Factory. It will entail an extravaganza of live performances, music, films and even some colouring in for the most adventurous individual.

Andy Warhol’s footprint can be felt everywhere in today’s modern society.

He was a talented American artist who began the new art movement known as Pop Art as well as being a Producer and Director of his own right. Other artsy stages in his life were: abstract expressionism, modern art, naïve art and contemporary art.

Get down to the event before 5:30pm so you can get your seat at ease! Embrace the ‘60s music, art, culture and performances from Dalston Ballet Company, Samuel R, Marianne Hyatt & Friends, Lewis G Burton and Claire Benjamin as well as many more till 10pm; add this must-see event to your calendar now!

Sue Frumin, All Tomorrows Parties Party host and Hackney based artist, said:

“Hackney, is the creative beating heart of London, in a similar way to the Factory in the 60’s and 70’s. It is very exciting to concentrate that wonderful artistic energy and bring this eclectic community together using the influence of Andy Warhol!”

The party will be a chance for Factory fans to dress to impress in their own classy outfits representing the “studio vibes of New York to the streets of Hackney”. The swankiest dressed will win 15 minutes of fame!

Colour block, blue, black and white

For those who like to draw or are feeling creative, there will be an innovative corner with art materials for you to paint and colour your way through - on a canvas! There’s also a poetry station in honour of Valerie Solanas’ celestial and provocative contribution to Feminism, “The Scum Manifesto”.

Alex, the Farr School of Dancing Manager, said:

“We are proud to host this happening for the borough’s Hackney Pride 365 festival. As an LGBTQI+ friendly venue, we are excited to be transformed into our wildest Warholian fantasy – and have an arty party that brings our community together no matter what walk of life, background, sexuality or gender. So make sure you come along and get creative!”

If you don’t know who Andy Warhol was, you better get down there in your glam gear and show off your featured 60’s artsy look of the night. Get down to see the Andy Warhol event in London for you to bring your inner diva! Check out our colour blocking looks.