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Galentine's Day: 10 Things To Do This Valentine's Day With Your Besties

Not to panic you ladies, but there's exactly 3 weeks today until Valentine's Day, which means you have 2 options...

1. You spend the next 21 days frantically swiping right on Tinder until you find a potential bae to spend Valentine's Day with

2. You stick your middle finger up to being lonely on Valentine's Day and embrace Galentine's Day instead, spending the (supposedly) most romantic night of the year with your besties. Hmm, we know which one we prefer...

Oh Valentine's of the most controversial holidays of the year and the one that divides opinions the most. Some love it, some hate it and others refuse to even acknowledge it, but regardless of your opinion, I think we can all agree on the fact that being single on Valentine's Day sucks. No matter how much you try not to let being single on Valentine's Day get to you, it's pretty hard not to freak out about the thought of being alone on Valentine's Day when it seems like every single person on the planet apart from you is wrapped up in a sickly sweet Valentine's bubble bursting with love, roses and over-the-top romance.

Knowing what to do on Valentine's Day if you're single can be a tricky one when the thought of stepping foot near a restaurant bursting with tables for two is enough to have you running for the hills, but believe it or not there are fun things for singles to do on Valentine's Day, you just need to round up your single girlfriends and reject the Valentine's Day stereotype. We say to hell with feeling crappy about being single this Valentine's Day and let's make this February 14th all about the girls! Yes Galentine's Day we're talking about you, because who says you can't celebrate Valentine's Day if you're single? We say you certainly can and to celebrate girl power, we've come up with the ultimate Galentine's Day guide to help you celebrate Valentine's Day in the funnest ways with your single pals! We're talking Ryan Gosling movie marathons, lots of (wine-induced) giggles, lots of swiping right and certainly no tears about being single. Embrace being single and have some fun with the girls this February 14th and get all the Valentine's for single friends inspiration you'll ever need from our Galentine's guide below...

1. Host a singles girls night in

Round up the single girls in the squad, invite them over to your house and host a singles night in. We're talking junk food, face masks, a takeaway and a bottle or three of wine. Spending Valentine's night in with your besties will leave you feeling all warm inside, so spread the love in the nicest way possible and spend some time quality time with your girl pals this February 14th. No single Valentine's loneliness necessary! 


2. Have a movie marathon with your bestie

Quit scrolling through Instagram to see if everyone else is having a better Valentine's Day than you and put your phone away and settle down for a movie marathon with your bestie instead. Stock up on popcorn and sweets and make a real night of it and if you really want to go all anti-Valentine's Day for your movie night, then avoid the rom-coms and why not have a horror movie marathon instead? 


3. Treat yourselves!

Take the money you would have wasted on a Valentine's Day gift for him and spend it on yourself instead! Grab a few of your single besties, head down to your local shopping centre and treat yourselves to a new wardrobe. There's no better feeling than coming home with bags full of shopping, so make an evening of it this February 14th and have a good ol' girly shopping session. 


4. #GNO (girls night out) 

What's funner than a girls night in? A girls night out of course! Get all glammed up with your besties, have some pre-drinks round your house and head out for a night full of dancing (and flirting) this Valentine's Day. The bars and clubs will be full of singletons with no cringy couples in sight, so relish in your singledom and dance the night away with your girls this Valentine's Day. 


5. Treat your bestie to a home-cooked dinner for two 

Best friend just broken up with her boyfriend? Put a smile back on her face this Valentine's Day and cook a Valentine's dinner for the two of you. Buy her favourite wine and desserts and relish in the fact that neither of you have to share your plate with your other half. So yes, that means you do get the whole chocolate brownie to yourself without your boyfriend eating off your plate...winning!


6. Do a Secret Santa-like Valentine exchange with your other single friends

Always wanted to receive a bunch of red roses on Valentine's Day? Newsflash: you don't have to rely on a guy to buy you flowers ladies! Round up your single friends, put everyone's name into a hat and have flowers delivered to your office, your favourite chocolates bought or a lifesize cardboard cutout of Ryan Gosling delivered to your door...we're not fussy! 


7. Get out the house and head to the cinema with the girls

There's nothing better than heading to the cinema with a group of your girls and switching off for a few hours, so this Valentine's Day pick a comedy of your choice, fill your handbags with popcorn and sweets and head to the cinema for an anti-Valentine's night full of friends and laughter. The bonus of switching your phone off for 2 hours? you don't have to see all the braggy #boydidgood Instagram posts...winning!


8. Did somebody say karaoke?

What's funner than a girls night out? A girls night out + karaoke of course! Round the single girls up and head to one of London's many karaoke bars this Valentine's Day and sing your hearts out to your favourite romantic ballads. We promise the only tears that will be rolling down your face this Valentine's Day will be tears of laughter. 


9. Take advantage of the couples deals and fake it till you make it

Why should only couples get to take advantage of the Valentine's deals out there? Valentine's Day is the perfect time to bag yourself a bargain, so grab your bestie and take advantage of the half price massages, discounted dinners for two and spa days this Valentine's Day. Check out Groupon's Valentine's deals and you'll never be stuck for things to do on Valentine's Day if you're single ever again...


10. Have some fun finding a potential bae for next Valentine's Day

There's nothing funner than cosying up in your pjs and having a group swiping session on Tinder. Swap phones with your bestie and see if you can find each other the perfect match and who knows, you might not be spending next Valentine's Day alone after all...


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